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Customize the Extra Theme Search Widget

If you’re using the Extra Theme, chances are you might want to customize the look and feel of the sidebar search widget. Here is how to style it. Customize the Extra Theme Search Widget using CSS You’ll need to add a...

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Change the Accent Color on Pages

The Extra Theme makes widespread use of accent colors, including in a bar at the top of standard pages. This is a bright blue by default, like so: Change the Main Accent Color  The accent color on pages is controlled by the main...

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Place Menu Links on Left, Next to Logo

The Extra Theme header by default has a logo on the left and the main menu on the right. If you’d like to place the main menu on the left, next to the logo, here’s how to do it. Left-align main menu using CSS You can...

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Managing Star Ratings in Extra

The Extra Theme includes a built-in “star” rating system, which allows users to rate posts out of five stars. Occasionally you may need to manually edit the ratings (e.g. to delete out-dated ratings, or ones...

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Adding Sidebar Widgets in Extra

With the arrival of WordPress’s “Block Widgets”, the process of adding widget boxes to the Extra theme’s sidebar has got a bit more complicated. Here’s how to replicate the look of the widget boxes...

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Remove Unwanted Image Sizes in Extra

The Extra theme registers various image sizes with WordPress. This helps to display images at the optimal size, but it can also lead to your server filling up with a lot of image sizes which may never be used. By deregistering...

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About Extra Booster

Extra Booster is a site about the Extra Theme by Elegant Themes. It is a collection of my tips for making the most out of the theme.

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