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Managing Star Ratings in Extra

The Extra Theme includes a built-in “star” rating system, which allows users to rate posts out of five stars. Occasionally you may need to manually edit the ratings (e.g. to delete out-dated ratings, or ones...

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Change the Star Rating Icons

Extra comes with a post rating system which lets your readers rate your posts by clicking on star icons. If you’d like to replace the star icons with your own image icons, here’s how to do it. This is how the star...

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Hiding the Featured Image on All Posts

If you’d like to hide the featured images on all posts in the Extra Theme, so that they show up only on the homepage, etc, you can do so with the following CSS: .single .post-thumbnail.header { display: none; } To add the...

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Hiding the Featured Image on Extra Posts

Here’s a quick tip for hiding the featured image on a post within the Extra Theme. There is a built-in option for it, but it can be easy to miss. When editing a post, you’ll should have the following box in the...

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About Extra Booster

Extra Booster is a site about the Extra Theme by Elegant Themes. It is a collection of my tips for making the most out of the theme.

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