The Extra Theme allows your users to rate posts by clicking on the round “star” icons at the bottom of each post. By default, these stars have a grey background and when hovered over / clicked turn the “category color” (Extra allows you to assign each category a color, and the rating stars inherit this color.

If you’d like to assign standard colors to these rating stars so that all posts have a consistent appearance, you can do so with the following CSS:

/* Change post rating star colors */
#rating-stars { background-color: red !important }
#rating-stars { background-color: black !important }

The “star-off” rule replaces the normal grey background, while the “star-on” rule replaces the color seen when the stars are hovered over.

You can add this CSS to the theme by pasting it into the “Custom CSS” box found in the ePanel at “Extra > Theme Options > General Settings” (at the very bottom).