A style option currently missing in the Extra Theme is the option to set the background color of the footer widget area. The background color can be changed by using the following CSS:

footer#footer { background-color: #ff0000; }

You can add this to the theme by pasting it into the “Custom CSS” box found in the ePanel at “Extra > Theme Options > General Settings” (at the very bottom).

One thing you might find when you use this code is that the color of the bottom bar (the one with the copyright notice / credits) might also change. This is because, by default, the bottom bar is semi-transparent and allows the color of the main footer (as set by the code above) to show through.

To solve this, you can adjust the color of the bottom bar at “Extra > Theme Customizer > Footer Settings > Bottom Bar > Background Color”. When you click on this Background Color option you’ll see two slider bars to the right of the color picker box. The rightmost one of these sets the transparency of the bottom bar background color. If you move the slider toggle to the very top the bottom bar with have no transparency and will show up with exactly the color you choose in the color picker.