One thing the Extra Theme is missing is an easy way to customize the links in the footer (i.e. the “credits” or “copyright” links).

Here are a couple of options for modifying the links.

Modifying the footer links using JavaScript

If you’re comfortable working with JavaScript code, then you can easily change the links with something like this:

	$('#footer-info').html('&copy; '+(new Date).getFullYear()+' <a href="">Extra Booster</a>');

You can add this to the theme by pasting it into "Extra > Theme Options > Integration > Add code to the head of your blog", after anything else that is in there.

This code is quite simple. It just replaces the current footer links with your own HTML code. In this case, the HTML code I’ve included consists of three parts. First is “&copy;”, the HTML code for the copyright symbol. Next comes a bit of JavaScript for getting the current year (in YYYY format). And finally there is a link to the Extra Booster homepage. By modifying these you can customize the link to suit your site.

Modifying the Footer Links using the Aspen Footer Editor

If you don’t want to mess around with jQuery code, or you want a more convenient way to edit the links, you may want to check out the Aspen Footer Editor plugin.

It allows you to modify the Extra footer links using a standard WordPress editor box. This allows you to easily apply formatting, add images, etc, as you would in a standard WordPress post.