The Extra Theme’s posts modules (i.e. the modules which produce the popular, top rated and latest post lists on the homepage) include the ability to display the featured image for the listed posts. While this will be ideal for some sites, on a site like mine where most of the posts are going to be about modifications to the theme itself, the main featured image can be easily mistaken for actual content. See, for example, the “before” shot above – the featured image on latest posts box is actually a screenshot of a posts module, which makes for a confusing mess. Here’s how to hide just the main featured image.

  1. In the “Edit Layout” screen for the homepage (or wherever your module is), locate the posts module in question.
  2. Then click on the menu icon (three horizontal lines on the module box). This brings up the settings screen for the posts module.
  3. Scroll down to the end of the “General Settings” tab. Here you’ll see a place to enter the “CSS Class”. Enter this as “posts-module-no-main-img” (with no quotes).
  4. Click “Save & Exit”.
  5. Update / Save your layout.
  6. Now go to the ePanel, which you’ll find from the WordPress dashboard by going to “Extra > Theme Options > General Settings”.
  7. In the “Custom CSS” box near the end of the General Settings tab, enter the following CSS and click save:
/* Hide main post feature image on posts modules */
.posts-module-no-main-img div.header { display:none; }
.posts-module-no-main-img div.main-post { padding-top: 1em !important; }

Now if you refresh the page on your site with the posts module, you should see that the first featured image has been hidden. You can see the intended effect in the “after” shot above.