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Hiding the Featured Image on All Posts

If you’d like to hide the featured images on all posts in the Extra Theme, so that they show up only on the homepage, etc, you can do so with the following CSS: .single .post-thumbnail.header { display: none; } To add the CSS code to Extra, paste it into Extra's custom CSS box, which you can find from your WordPress admin menu at "Extra > Theme Settings > General > Custom CSS". Paste it after any other code already in there. Please see this post if you only want to hide the featured images on particular...

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How to Add the Author Image to the Bio Box

The Extra Theme lets you easily add an author biography box to the end of your posts. When enabled, the box will show a description of the post author along with, in some cases, an image of the author. But what if the author bio image isn’t showing? It’s not necessarily obvious how to get it to show up. The author image is actually based on the Gravatar service. Basically WordPress uses the author’s email (as given in the author’s user profile) to look up the profile picture of the author, as stored by Gravatar. If you don’t have...

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Hiding the Category Title

One of the Extra Theme’s features is the ability to use the Divi Builder to layout category pages. However, you’ll find if you try to edit the layout that there is no way to remove the “CATEGORY: NAME” heading. Fortunately, this can easily be removed by adding the following CSS to Extra (e.g. in Extra > Theme Options > General Settings > Custom CSS): body.category .et_pb_extra_column_main > h1:first-child { display: none;...

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Adding a Sidebar Dividing Line

Here’s a quick tip for adding a dividing line between the Extra Theme sidebar and it’s content. To do so, you can simply add the following CSS in the custom CSS box (Extra > Theme Options > General Settings > Custom CSS): @media only screen and (min-width: 1025px) { div.et_pb_extra_column_sidebar { border-left: 1px solid #ccc !important; } } NB: Just change #ccc to the HTML color code of your...

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Hiding the Featured Image on Extra Posts

Here’s a quick tip for hiding the featured image on a post within the Extra Theme. There is a built-in option for it, but it can be easy to miss. When editing a post, you’ll should have the following box in the sidebar of your post editor screen: Simply tick the “Hide Featured Image on Post” box (highlighted in orange above) and when you save / view the post, the featured image will be removed from the post page itself. Note that, if your post has a featured image selected, the image will still be displayed on the homepage, category pages, etc, when the post is listed there. Please see this post if you’d like to easily hide the featured image on all...

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