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Removing the Page Background / Create Blank Fullwidth Pages

The Extra Theme’s default page template includes a background color, sidebar and a colored “highlight” bar. If you’d instead like to start with a page which is completely blank, so that you can design it entirely in the Divi Builder, here’s a simple way to do it. On the page edit screen, locate the “Page Attributes” box which should be just below the “Publish” box on the right hand side of the screen. There you’ll find a “Template” dropdown menu. Change this to “Fullwidth” and now when you view your page you should find that the background and other features of the default template have been removed, leaving you with a nice blank canvas to work on. Here’s what that option looks like: Note that if you want to display the sidebar on this page, you can add it into your layout using the built-in “Sidebar”...

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Change the Blog Feed Standard Module’s Accent Color Bar

The Extra Theme’s “Blog Feed Standard” module is styled with a top border bar. The color of this bar is determined by the color of the category of posts being shown, or in the case of the “all” category a default color is used (#00a8ff). If you want to override the color used, here’s a couple of ways to do it. Changing the Blog Feed Standard accent color via the module options To change the accent color on a single blog feed standard module, you can use the custom CSS option within the module settings. In the module settings, go to the Advanced (formerly Custom CSS) tab and enter the following in the “Main Element” box: border-color: red !important; This will change the bar to red, and will work whatever categories are selected for display. Changing the Blog Feed Standard Accent Color via CSS Another way to change the accent color is using CSS. The following CSS snippet will change the accent color for all instances of the module: .posts-blog-feed-module { border-color: red !important; } To add the CSS code to Extra, paste it into Extra's custom CSS box, which you can find from your WordPress admin menu at "Extra > Theme Settings > General > Custom CSS". Paste it after any other code already in...

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Changing the Color of Widget Titles

If you want to change the text color of the Extra Theme’s widget titles, you easily do so with the following CSS: /* Change widget title text color */ .et_pb_extra_column_sidebar .et_pb_widget .widgettitle { color: black; } You can add this to the theme by pasting it into the “Custom CSS” box found in the ePanel at “Extra > Theme Options > General Settings” (at the very...

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Changing the Category Accent Color

BEFORE AFTER The Extra Theme has feature for assigning different categories a different “accent” color that is used in various places when posts of a particular category are shown. For example, it will show up in the color of the top bar in post modules, and in the star rating colors on the posts themselves. One thing that isn’t entirely obvious is where exactly these colors can be changed. To change the color for a particular category, go to “Posts > Categories” from your WordPress dashboard. Hover over then category you want to change the color for, and click...

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Enabling the Standard Divi Modules on Extra Categories

One of the best features of the Extra Theme, and one that even Divi doesn’t have, is the ability to use the Divi Builder on category pages. This allows you to turn your category pages from plain lists of posts into attractive, useful and high-converting pages. However, when you try to edit a category using the Divi Builder, you’ll notice that something is missing – most of the modules normally available to you in Divi! There’s no sliders, there’s no accordions, there’s no email optin forms, and so on… This makes creating your perfect category page difficult. Fortunately there...

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